Roasted Rainbow Carrots (Crowd Pleaser!)

As the holidays come and go, I find myself under a state of stress. Coming and going with my family is always a work in progress with two little ones. Still, that’s not exactly what stresses me the most. It’s the whole, “bring a dish!” thing.

Making food that is going to a) meet everyone’s dietary needs without breaking the bank with expensive/oddball ingredients and b) provide nourishment and actual sustenance while looking appetizing…..well, it’s no easy task.

And here in lies the answer: roasted rainbow carrots. These beauties are:


Slightly sweet with a hint of salt



Infused with oregano and thyme



The joy in making these carrots is that nature takes care of most the work. Less is more in this recipe, with just a few herbs and olive oil doing the trick!With at most 10 minutes of prep, and an hour in the oven slow roasting, the carrots take care of all the flavors our palate would desire.


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