Stasher (Stand Up Mega)

Perfect fridge storage for a bread loaf or bagels that are made from the Artisan Baking Mix. Just slice as you use and the loaf won’t dry out!

These food-safe silicone bags and bowls transform how you cook, store, and save while helping you ditch plastic for good. Featuring a leak-free patented Pinch-Loc seal, every Stasher reusable is safe for the dishwasher, microwave, oven (up to 425°F) and more. They're the perfect do-it-all replacement for plastic bags in your kitchen, home, and on the go. All these products are free of lead, latex, BPA, BPS, or other phthalates. And each year, Stasher donates a portion of sales to nonprofits working to protect our oceans, like the Surfrider Foundation.


Cleaning & Care Tips

These reusable bags and bowls are easy to clean and care for. Just follow some simple tips:


  • Throw in the dishwasher or wash with warm, soapy water.
  • Remove stains with sunlight and banish smells by baking.
  • Leave seal open while microwaving and handle with care when hot.
  • Keep oven temps to 425°F or below and always use on a baking sheet.
  • Open by gently rolling down sides of seal; press out excess air when closing.


  • Store sharp objects inside (or let puppy teeth get at ‘em).
  • Turn inside out to dry; place upside down on a rack instead.



56 Fluid Ounces
Product Dimensions
9.5"W x 8.25"H
Closure Type
No Closure